Shoot em Up Proposal for Game Media Studies

Inspired by the idea of tanks in RPG games, Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars’ freezing bullet mechanic (left) and Touhou 13’s charged short ranged, high damage slash skill (right), I was thinking of making a shooter game which encouraged a player to value high risk, high reward strategies.



To convey this to the player, I plan to have the players work with a battleaxe which attacks in a wide arc almost right in front of the player. I chose a battleaxe because it is a melee weapon with considerable range and a wide attack space to imply the attack space in which the player needs to get into. I would also make the player’s character look imposingly armored and battle ready to empower the idea that the player should be out there charging into enemy lines at the forefront of the battle. To further solidify this, the enemies would be less armored, wearing cloth while using bows and arrows to shoot down the player from afar. This works to make enemies look weaker as well as to hint at the fact that they would would easily be killed as long as the player can get an attack in.




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