Shoot em Up Assets Version 1

As a follow up from two weeks ago, I’ve made a simple mock-up of what the game will look like as well as a list of all the assets so far that I have used and where they are from.



As mentioned last time, my idea for this shooter was high risk, high reward. Gameplay-wise I’ve given the player a devastatingly powerful short-range slash that requires a 3 second charge and a considerably weaker and slower shoot so that the player will be more inclined to get up close and personal to make full use of the slash.

To reinforce this in the art, I’ve chosen a knight-like character decked out in metal armor wielding a battleaxe for the player to give the impression that the character is meant to be on the front lines to be most effective. For the player’s shots, I used a small and thin throwing knife as the size makes it look feeble compared to the axe that the character holds. I used red for the slash effect as well as the fully charged aura for the same reason, to make the slash look and feel stronger.



The idea of the melee weapon and the concept behind the two different looks for attacks came from the game that my shooter was inspired by, which is Touhou 13: Ten Desires. One of the playable characters in particular, Youmu, was incredibly powerful in close range using a sword which could be seen very visibly slung across her back.



Her normal shot was a small shockwave-like bullet (left) which did considerably less damage than their charged counterpart which had massive slashes cutting across the screen travelling in front of her for a short while (right). The size difference and the addition of colour made the charged shot look more powerful.



As mentioned before, to make the strength of the player character more obvious, I made the player a knight as like in games such as The Legend of Roland, where the knight wore metal armor and stood at the forefront of any battle.




The battleaxe has a similar reason, as in many games, for example Skyrim, it is known as a very slow weapon that takes time to swing but does devastating damage once it does. I was hoping to also convey the charge mechanic and its strength to the player with this weapon.




In contrast, the enemies are all archers for now,who wear leather armor made less for defense to give the impression that they most likely don’t have the health to last one powerful strike.



This was also taken from The Legend of Roland, where the archers wore basically shirts and pants and were powerful from afar but could not last long when hit.




For the background, I used only grass without any other decorations as I didn’t want them to distract the player from incoming enemies and arrows. For this reason, all the characters are coloured darkly so they stand out from the background. This goes for the vibrant red heart health bar as well which was changed from numbers for a more visual effect. For the boss’ health bar, while its green, I used one which alternated colour with an outline which I plan to make much larger than it is now to fit a few more attack patterns.



Touhou 6 did something similar for its first boss fight, having a background that was plain to have the bullets stand out as well as having visual HP bars or ‘stars’ for the players to represent health.




A list of where I got the art assets from:

Dark Knight by sithiester from

Japanese Village by sithiester from

Pixel Weapons 1 by GrumpyDiamond from

Heart Health Bar by nexust from

Health and Breath Bars by Calinou from

Weapons [64×64] by LordNeo from×64

[LPC] Medieval Fantasy Character Sprites by wulax from

Archer Arrow and Slash Effect by me


For those who are interested, here is the first version of the shooter:

Simply download the file and double-click, or drag the file onto a web browser to play.


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