Shoot em Up: Making them Look Like they Belong

Last week I put up a list of all the assets I used to make my game, this week I’m going to try to make everything seem as if they belong in the same world.


From what I’ve researched, the main thing I could find that was relevant to my game was simply the art style. Take Dragon Tale Shoot em Up as an example, as they seem to be going for Chibi style characters, their enemies and players tend to have large heads and small body and wings. They all also all have an outline around their sprite, similar hit animations and bullets that have this glowing-like effect..




For mine, I also tried to find characters that look close in style, both of which were cartoonish and one could even say the sprites I chose were Chibi styled as well. As every other sprite came in outlined in black, I decided to outline the arrows as well.




On a different note, Ikaruga has something where all the enemies and of course, the player themselves all seem to come from the same time period, or even the same nation with the similarity in levels of technology as all the ships use the same shots, have a polarity and are colour coded to that polarity.





This was why I chose the knight-archer combo as the playable character and the enemies, as they both fit within the medieval fantasy theme I had in mind. To try and solidify this further, I also made a small change to the archers aside from their pose. I’ve recoloured the feather on their hats to match their difficulty in-game, as the similar outfit would imply that they are part of the same army or nation, while the colour of feather their rank within said group.



For the pose, I’ll reference Defender of the Crown where the archer who had his bow out is shown that he is about to attack. This is why I’ve chosen this pose for my archers to make them look more battle-ready.




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