Shoot em Up: The Summary of the Weeks

For about five weeks now, I’ve been changing and updating my proposed Shoot em Up game and what I’ll be doing this week is simply summarizing all that into a single post.


When I did my Shoot em Up Proposal for Game Media Studies, it was to be based around the concept of high risk and high reward and to show that within the art, I opted for an armored player character with a battleaxe against lightly armored enemies.


The week after in Shoot em Up Assets Version 1, I found a knight wielding a battleaxe to represent the player character as well as leather armored archers as the enemies to keep with the idea that the player should be up in front to be effective while the enemies were very unlikely to last powerful hits. The slash was made to look powerful by colouring both the effect itself and the charge complete feedback red. In comparison the shot was made to look feeble in the form of a small throwing knife.




Finally, the background was simple grass without any decorations so that there would be nothing to distract the player from the arrows and enemies. For the same purpose, all the characters and even the health bars were either coloured darkly or brightly. Even the boss’ health bar was patterned and outlined so that it would not fade into the background.


While Shoot em Up: Making them Look Like they Belong became the topic, I outlined the arrows so as to keep with the artstyle of the sprites that I had while also changing the stance of the archers to one more battle-ready to better imply their hostility to the player. I also had the archers’ feather in their hats colour-coded to their difficulty in a way which I felt more natural to their world.




Last week in Shoot em Up: Changes for Contrast and Boss Differentiation, I desaturated the colour of the background to help the enemies and player pop out more. I also differentiated the boss by having him better armored with a weapon of a different colour as well as giving him a far larger health bar to further indicate that he was a notch higher compared to the rest of the archers.



That sums up the progress I’ve made within the last five weeks, here is the updated list of the assets I’ve used and where I’ve found them;



Dark Knight by sithiester from

Japanese Village by sithiester from

Pixel Weapons 1 by GrumpyDiamond from

Heart Health Bar by nexust from

Health and Breath Bars by Calinou from

Weapons [64×64] by LordNeo from×64

[LPC] Medieval Fantasy Character Sprites by wulax from

Archer Arrow and Slash Effect by me



Whip Whoosh 3 for player shoot from

Wind and Water Aura, Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license cut to the first two seconds for Slash charge sound by qubodup from

metal sound, fighting game for Slash charge complete sound by evilus from

slashkut.wav for enemies hit by Slash sound by Abyssmal from

GDYN_Punching_Perc_RAW_SG – 5 for enemies hit by knife sound by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn from

Single Iron hit hard for player getting hit sound by Mrthenoronha from


For those who are interested in trying out the beta version of the game, here is the link;

Simply download the file and double-click or drag onto a web browser to play.



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