Platformer Proposal for Games Media Studies

For what I had in mind this time around, I would like to try making a game that encourages the player to use the environment and the enemy’s own attacks to their advantage. Games like God of War and Ori and the Blind Forest were my inspiration with fights like Kratos against the three headed Hydra in the first God of War and the Bash ability from Ori whereby Ori could use enemies, their shots or even rubble to gain altitude, return the shot right back at its owner or to simply push them into environmental hazards.



For this to show in the art, I plan to have the outcome of an enemy’s attack hitting something clear through mostly common sense. For example, I could have columns of fire which would burn all arrows and bats that got themselves caught within the flame while platforms made out of rock would handle the heat quite well without much repercussions.




Also, I’d have many of what can be manipulated by the player stand out by either making them obvious through colour contrast or by giving them a shine to grab attention. I would also make the enemy attacks look grander with size and effects while keeping the player’s attacks simple yet effective like a gun, this coupled with the aforementioned affects between enemies is to give the player the sense that their own weapon works fine no matter the circumstances as a comfort weapon but there are these massive weapons of destruction that could help in making those fights easier.


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