Platformer: Having The Important Stuff Stand Out

For this week, I’ll be attempting to make what I feel are important stand out. So to start off, I did edit the tiles of my platforms once again, this time adding light and shadow to them as well as a stronger outline. I referenced how Mario did their light and shadows to make their platforms pop while doing the same for the cracks on the floor for a similar effect.



Mario’s Platforms and Floor


I also changed by Boss sprite this time around as previously my boss used the same sprite as every other bat in the game even though it could only be killed using the fire pillars. To do this, I used a different, more menacing looking bat sprite which was also larger just like how The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess did with their first boss which was a larger, triple headed version of the usual flytrap looking mobs from around that dungeon.




Now onto the colour of the boss which I took reference from Pokemon, specifically how they’ve changed the colour palette of some of the new Alolan forms for existing Pokemon. As my Boss Bat was vulnerable to fire, I thought to use Pokemon that had been changed from some other type into an Ice type like Sandshrew or Vulpix so that the colouring would hint at Ice and since ice is weak to fire would also imply that the Bat would take damage from fire.



To solidify this further I also referenced Pokemon’s burn status effect, the status itself caused additional damage to the afflicted Pokemon every turn. This is shown in the animation when fire is overlayed on the sprite and burns the Pokemon before the damage is dealt to their health bar.



Pokemon’s Burn Status Effect

And so I changed the Boss Bat’s original colour to a snowy whitish blue like the Ice-type Alolan Pokemon while also adding the fire burning animation when the Bat runs through the fire and gets burned.



Finally to show when players are damaged by anything that is not instantly fatal and have it be quite obvious, I have made speech bubbles indicating the player is hurt which are outlined in black and a solid white in the middle with clear bold capital letters which spell out exclamations of being hurt. For this I referenced Riddle School 3 where many of the main hints in the game was actually given by the player character who says them to the player through a speech bubble.



A Hint Spoken by the Player Character in Riddle School 3


These would appear briefly when the player takes damage and would increase in frequency along with changing its words depending on how much health the player has left.


For all the new art assets that was shown in this post, here they are;

Bat Boss from 10 More Fantasy RPG Enemies Plus a Boss Normal Map by Antifarea/CharlesGabriel


And for those who are interested, here is the current build of the game;

Simply download it and double click or drag it onto a web browser to play.


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