Platformer: Summary of the Weeks

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a platformer and so for this week, I’ll be summarizing all that has happened from where it started to where I’ve managed to get it today.


The game itself is simply about the adventurer who had incurred the wrath of the tomb’s traps because he had taken one of it’s treasures and has to escape alive. However, the ruin itself has great historical value and harming it would devalue it. So now, he is faced with the choice of either making escape easier by breaking past anything that stops him or to manipulate the very traps around him to help him instead.


So to start off, I had a concept of encouraging players to use the environment or enemy attacks to their advantage, mostly to kill enemies, inspired by God of War and Ori and the Blind Forest in my proposal for the platformer.



Which I got my teeth into far deeper on the coming week where I had blocked out the very basic look and feel of my game along with all the enemy attack interactions with other things in the game, which I had tried to keep as logical as possible. An example of it can be seen below, where the arrows would kill the bats, and the player, but would bounce harmlessly off the stone platforms.



The mockup from the first version of the game


From there, I now had what quite felt like en Egyptian tomb, considering that one of the main inspirations for the main character was Indiana Jones, and I decided to make that the art theme of the game. As such, I replaced much of the platforms and tilesets with new ones to fit the theme and make them feel like they belong in the same world, which resulted in the mockup below.



The mockup from the second version of the game


What laid beyond that was to make the assets pop out to have a clear distinction between the foreground and the background. To do this, I revisited some of the previously added assets and edited them to have light and shadow as well as swapping out the background for something darker and with a smaller set of brick patterns. At the end of that, I had this;



The mockup from the third version of the game


This week, I’ve made some slight changes to the start screen, by include a glowing artifact so as to give a little bit of backstory to what the player is doing in the tomb like how Temple Run 2 does its start screen. I’ve also swapped the ending background to one of slightly old paper, like those from a worn journal to fit the theme better which I reference from World of Warcraft’s Quest Log.




And that concludes my five weeks working on this game. For those who want the complete list of all the art assets I used, here it is;


-Exit from Fancy Dungeon Tileset by James Bell

-Player Character from George by sheep

-Turret, Fire Cannon and from Time Canon Sprite SVG by qubodup

-Bat from Bat by bagzie

-Bat Boss from 10 More Fantasy RPG Enemies Plus a Boss Normal Map by Antifarea/CharlesGabriel

-Gun from Handgun by -SMBX-

-Glitter, Bullet, Enemy Bullet, Hurt Dialogue 1, 2 and 3 and Switch by me

-Background from UndeadEmpire tileset (64×64) repack (floor, lava, walls and effects) by Big Rook Games

-Border Tiles with Hieroglyphs from  Hieroglyph Sprites by Andor Salga

-Texture for Unmoving Platform and Wall from  Calinou’s Texture Pack by Calinou

-Top Part of Unmoving Platform and Moving Platform from Egyptian Tileset by gtkampos

-Tent and Wood Planks from OOP Jungle Tiles by Hapiel

-Campfire from Camp Fire Animation for RPGs (Finished) by Zabin and Jetrel

-Ending Screen Paper Background from Paper by Darkwood67

-Fire Pillar from Pyron from Darkstalkers

-Artifact from Artifact (Animated) by Gokhan Solak


As for those interested in playing the beta version of the game, click here.

Simply download the file and double click or drag onto Google Chrome to play.


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